One would think it’s a given that for any dental or medical issues, the person to turn to should be no other than licensed and certified practitioners. Apparently, however, this is not always the case as there are certain instances wherein procedures like teeth whitening are being carried out not by dentists, but by regular folks.

US court examine claim that only dentists should be allowed to whiten teeth

The Associated Press, via CTV News online, ran a story on that issue, specifically about a case on who should be allowed to offer teeth whitening services:

“Separately, the high court is taking up a North Carolina case in which the state’s dental regulatory board argues that only dentists should be allowed to whiten teeth. The state Board of Dental Examiners is challenging a lower court ruling and an order by the Federal Trade Commission that said the board engaged in unfair competition in the market for teeth-whitening services by shutting down businesses such as day spas and tanning booths that offered the service.”

Americans would strongly benefit in many ways from a high court decision in favor of the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners. Procedures like teeth whitening should only be left to the likes of a trusted Daytona Beach dentist as they went through the proper training and education, and has acquired professional licenses and years of medical experience under their belt. Ruling otherwise would set a bad precedent and would only put the safety of patients on the line.

People can be assured that having only dentists whiten and clean their teeth means that they are always in safe hands. A reliable Daytona Beach dentist understands the science and physiology of the oral cavity and of the human head. Their services, after all, are offered not only for aesthetic purposes, but most importantly, to improve oral health.

As a branch of medicine, it involves making sure that every patient is safe and would get the best medical attention possible. The public should only let those that passed the rigors of dental school and accompanying licensure exams do work on their teeth, gums, and the entirety of the mouth. This is a practice that cannot be part of the commercial activities of any ordinary business.

In a world where people are given lots of options, safety is still the top priority. If a patient needs to have a dental concern addressed, the smart choice would be to go with someone like Dr. Anny Vera, DDS, rather than to an average Joe who says he can do it for a cheaper price.

(Source: U.S. court to examine claim that only dentists should be allowed to whiten teeth, Associated Press, March 3, 2014)

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