The Smile Team

Tasha-Practice Manager

I’ve been in the dental field for over 15 years. I have worked in both private and corporate offices and I love the feel of having a personal touch in a private office. I love my patients and look forward to helping them along on their dental journey whether its scheduling appointments, working with their insurance to get maximum payment, or just simply holding the hand of patients who have had a bad dental experience in the past. I love working alongside Dr. Silva. He is so kind and compassionate and always does the right thing for the right reason as conservatively as possible. I am proud to say I work at Lakeside Daytona Dentist and that we make a difference in our community. I have 2 sweet girls, ages 6 and 16 (my poor husband) that I love to spend time with. Our newest love is our tiny little Yorkie, Axel. My husband and I love weekend’s away, classic cars (we have a Nova and a VW Beetle) and Friday night football games…Go Deltona Wolves! If you have any questions, or would like to pass along a compliment, please feel free to contact me directly.

Maureen- Dental Hygienist

Hello.  My name is Maureen and I’m the dental hygienist at Lakeside Daytona Dentist.  I’ve been a registered dental hygienist for 15 years and I absolutely love it. I love helping people and educating people on their dental care and needs.  Throughout the years of my dental career, I have been blessed to have met a lot of amazing people,  Dr.Silva being one of them. He, by far, has the best dental work I have ever seen.  He is kind, gentle, compassionate and a perfectionist. He is always putting the needs of his patients first.  He and I work well together and I love my Florida dental family. As for my personal life, my husband and I moved to Port Orange 3 years ago. We were both born and raised in Buffalo NY. We have 3 little boys (ages 8, 6 & 4) so when I’m not working, I’m working!!! We love everything Florida has to offer us! Who could go wrong with that beautiful beach we have?! I look forward to helping you all out with your dental needs and as I tell my patients before they leave… I’ll always be here for you whether it’s dental related or personal.

Katrina-Front Desk Receptionist

I’m back! After a little time away I have come back to join Dr Silva’s team again. I enjoy spending time with my family and my new son, Parker. We love to go to the beach and enjoy going to Disney World. I graduated in 2010 with my certificate in Dental Assisting but I enjoy the Administrative side of the office. I look forward to seeing all the old faces of the office and meeting all the new ones.

Lindsay-Dental Assistant

Hello, it’s Lindsay, your lead dental assistant here at Lakeside Daytona Dentist! I have been working in the dental field since 2013. Since I have been working with Dr. Silva, I have definitely expanded my knowledge of dental assisting. My motivation for going to dental assisting school was my best friend who is also a dental assistant. I am so glad I did because I absolutely love my job, dental family, and my patients! In my free time I like working on my 1984 Chevy, painting, and going to the beach. Prior to my dental assisting education I graduated as a certified General Motors automotive technician. So whether it’s your teeth or your car in need of repair, I’ve got you covered!

Omar-Dental Assistant

Hola, my name is Omar. I graduated from Hester School of Dental Assisting in April 2016. I enjoy working with Dr. Silva because he is very passionate about the quality of his dental treatment. I like Dr. Silva’s approach to dental treatment as being conservative and he does everything in the office, we rarely refer patients to specialists. This means I get to learn about different areas of the dental field, all in one office, with the best doctor in town! When I am not at work, I enjoy eating all kinds of food (bring me goodies!), photography and spending time with my expansive family.