IV Sedation for Pain-free dentistry

Some dental procedures are painful, even with local numbing agents. That’s why we are happy to announce that we offer IV Conscious Sedation.

You no longer have to suffer through any dental work. With IV sedation, your dental experience can be virtually pain-free!

Sedation dentistry

When the time comes for a dental procedure and you want sedation it’s important to know the facts going into it. Knowing more about sedation dentistry can help you put your mind at ease and also ensure that you are prepared for any of the side effects as they could potentially occur after a sedation appointment. Here are some things you need to know about sedation dentistry.

It’s Quick and Painless

IV sedation dentistry means intravenous medication which is usually administered directly through an injection site into your veins. This is perhaps one of the quickest ways that you can achieve sedation in a patient and because of its rapid effects is the preferred method of sedation for most dental professionals. Injection sites are usually in the top of the hand or inside your arm on your inner elbow. If you are afraid of needles there is some reassurance in mentioning that IV sedation is quite painless and you may just feel a slight pinch before sedation takes place. We can also give you a type of oral sedative or anesthetic to help reduce the slight pain you might experience from the needle.


The main benefits of IV sedation are that it works to calm any patient and make them very comfortable. The sedation method also works to eliminate any anxiety during treatment and can numb any of the pain. In most cases during IV sedation you can respond to some verbal cues from your dentist while remaining completely relaxed and free of pain. This sedation can help with any gag reflex as well. In most cases with IV sedation patients won’t remember any of their appointment through the next day. Dentists and anesthetic professionals can adjust the amount of sedation that’s given to a patient to ensure their comfort through the entire procedure. IV sedation is much faster than other options meaning that your procedure can begin and finish much quicker and more comfortably.

What Happens First?

A consultation appointment will to take place before you undergo sedation through our dentist office. Consultation appointments usually involve a preliminary exam and might involve x-rays. During this consultation you will tell us about any particular medication that you are on as well as some information about your medical history so that there is no reaction with the sedative drugs. When arriving at the appointment that requires sedation it’s very important that patients don’t eat or drink for around eight hours before the procedure as this can lead to nausea and other symptoms. It’s very important that you bring someone to drive you home and watch over you in the recovery room as well.

Recovery Time

The recovery time can be different for every patient undergoing sedation dentistry. It’s important that you don’t  plan on operating any type of heavy machinery or a vehicle within a full 24 hours of your appointment as sedation can leave you groggy and dehydrated. The good news about most patients who receive sedation during their treatment is that they experience overall less pain during the recovery stages as well.   If you have any questions, speak with Dr. Silva or one of the team members today!