Cone Beam Scan

A cone beam scan has a spherical volume of about 15 cm in diameter. The cone beam scanner at our offices is capable of capturing our patient’s entire jaws as well as the important joints and anatomical structures in the craniofacial region. This gives us all of the information that we need to perform a variety of different treatments. Dr. Silva office procured this: beam scan as a means to reduce the amount of radiation that we need to subject patients to in order to give them proper dental care. With just one x-ray we can see the entire structure of your teeth and mouth which reduces the total amount of x-rays that we need to take as well as makes it easier for us to see all of the complex structures to perform our job.

We can capture an image roughly 15 cm in diameter and 12 cm in height. This gives us the option to capture the entire tooth and jaw area as well as the Rami and sinus area. The images that we get from our Galileo’s cone beam scanner are of a very high quality with finite details presented very clearly for our dental experts to see.

You can find beam scanners in a variety of doctor’s office today but they have become a relatively new staple in many orthodontic offices as well as dentist office. We believe in embracing technology to provide the best in patient care and while this is still a fairly new technology we feel as though it helps us to increase the accuracy of our diagnosis and provide better, more convenient care to each one of our patients.

If you would like to learn more about our cone beam scan and if you might be required to undergo scanning for your procedure please contact our offices.