Providing Top Quality Services

We provide state-of-the-art dental services using only the top expert dentists. Lakeside Daytona Dentist is committed to delivering the highest possible level of patient care. Dr. Silva is constantly reeducating themselves as well as bringing in new technology that he feels can add value to the office. While Dr. Silva is extremely qualified when it comes to dental repair, emergency dental work, restoration as well as various types of aesthetic surgery and implant surgery, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve our community better.

With a professional and caring staff the dentist;  Dr. Silva is interested in making an impact within the community by providing personal, quality care.


If you require dental information or immediate dental care from the hands of an expert and qualified dentist in the areas of Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Daytona Beach and across Florida, trust the experts at these offices. With many glowing reviews and a variety of different treatment options available these dentists can make a difference in your life. To learn more about the dental services which are offered, or to schedule a consultation with the dentist, use the contact page or call us at 386-274-2021.


Dental Services

Our dental services include:

Cosmetic dentistry: we can provide repair work within your budget as well as installed dental crowns, bonding engineers to reconstruct your teeth.

Dental repair and emergency dental work: we can provide emergency extractions and treatments which can help prevent future dental problems which might include dental abscesses or gum disease. We worked to provide procedures ranging from root canals, to laser dental surgery and can help to restore your gum line and prevent further oral health issues.

Dental restoration and full mouth rehabilitation: we can reconstruct your smile and work to prevent long-term health problems as well as improve the appearance of your smile. Emergency repair and restoration services can include implants, veneers and more.

Cone Beam, IV sedation and sleep disorders: Our cone beam scanner can give us the clearest possible picture for diagnosis and treatment. It allows us to do our jobs better and expose our patients to less radiation while presenting a clearer picture of their maxillofacial region.

We can also provide IV sedation for medical surgeries in which local anesthetic isn’t enough for the patient.
We can also provide help with sleep disorders including sleep apnea and provide solutions to help with sleep disorders reducing your risk for a heart attack or stroke if you suffer from one.