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Dental Implant Technology – Daytona Beach, FL

Advanced Treatments Require Advanced Technology

A woman receiving a CT scan.

At Lakeside Daytona Dentist, we do everything possible to incorporate techniques, treatments, and technology that improves the overall patient experience. When it comes to dental implants, there are no exceptions. With the help of a CT Cone Beam Scanner, Drs. Gladston Silva and Renata Santeli can take your treatment to the next level. If you plan on getting a dental implant, you’ll want to learn more about this incredibly useful piece of technology. To speak with a dentist in Daytona Beach about your treatment, feel free to contact our office!

What is a CT Cone Beam Scanner?

A woman smiling while receiving a CT scan.

A CT Cone Beam Scanner is an advanced piece of technology designed to capture a 3D X-ray of your entire skull, not solely your mouth. While this device can capture your teeth and gums like a digital X-ray would, it takes it a step further by capturing even more information about your many oral structures. This includes your sinus pathways, nerves, blood vessels, and other areas that we deem important for treatment planning. Because of the increased strength, cone beam scanners do emit slightly more radiation, however, our office takes all the precautions to ensure your safety and health at all times. In less than one minute, we can collect all the information we need to successfully perform your treatment.

What is Guided Surgery?

A dentist showing a patient an X-ray.

Guided surgery refers to procedures that use diagnostic CT scans prior to treatment. Once we’ve captured the detailed scan of your skull, we can produce what is called a radiological template. This template is worn in the patient’s mouth and followed by an additional scan from our device. Afterwards, we’ll send this scan to a specialized laboratory so they can create a surgical drilling guide. During your actual surgery, such as dental implant placement, you’ll wear this guide.

What are the Benefits for Dental Implant Treatment?

An older couple smiling.

Guided surgery is most ideal for patients who need to have multiple dental implants placed, however, they may also be provided when placing single dental implants. With the help of multiple CT scans and a surgical guide, we can improve overall treatment planning, make your surgery more predictable, confirm the presence of bone loss, and determine the exact locations of sensitive oral structures. This includes low sinus cavities and nerve canals. Overall, planning treatment in this way ensures that no damage is done during the actual placement of the implants.

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