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Botox & Juvederm – Daytona Beach, FL

Look Your Best & Improve Your Confidence

Woman receiving Botox Injection

Your Lakeside Dayton Dentist and team are happy to announce we’re now offering Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm services in our Daytona Beach dental office! These procedures can be performed by Dr. Renata Santeli in our centrally located dental office over your lunch break or during your regular six month dental exam and teeth cleaning appointments. We make it easy for our patients to look and feel their very best. If you’re interested in learning more about Botox, Juvederm, cosmetic dentistry, or any of our other dental treatment options, call to schedule your cosmetic consultation appointment today.

Unmatched Facial Expertise

In order to provide truly life-changing results for her patients, Dr. Santeli recently completed training with Dr. Igor Costa Alves at the esteemed Trans Formando Faces in Brazil. One quick Google search and you’ll see that Dr. Alves is one of the most highly respected and sought-after facial experts in the world, and he currently has an over 9,000 patient waiting list! Dr. Santeli studied his unique approach to facial harmonization that leads countless people to fly to Brazil every year. Now, you can get this same quality of care right here in Daytona Beach whenever you come to see us for a checkup!

Botox Cosmetic

Older man with smooth skin

Botox has been used for years to help combat painful muscle spasms and inflammation. Botox Cosmetic utilizes this muscle movement control to prevent and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Over the years, the purposeful and unconscious movements of facial muscles crease the skin. Botox Cosmetic will limit muscle movement and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. We typically recommend retreatment every three to six months for best results.

Juvederm Dermal Fillers

Man receiving Juvederm injection

Where Botox is traditionally used to diminish the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, Juvederm tackles the tricky, deep-set parenthesis (laugh) lines. As we age, collagen and elastin are produced more slowly, and we’ll begin to see areas where our skin sags or doesn’t look as full as it used to. Juvederm refills these areas, leaving your skin looking plump, healthy, and youthful. The process is simple. A small amount of dermal filler is injected into the desired area. Then, we shape the filler to recreate a youthful appearance and erase fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on the individual, retreatment for Juvederm is recommend two to four times each year.

Benefits of Visiting a Dentist for Botox & Juvederm Treatment

Dentist examining patient’s laugh lines

Botox Cosmetic injections and Juvederm treatments can be performed regularly to prevent and reduce the signs of aging, and we can often incorporate these services into your existing dental checkups, saving you time. Because our team of dentists have advanced training in the innerworkings of the oral and facial structures, we can safely administer these cosmetic services. Many other Botox and Juvederm providers are simply trained in these procedures and may not necessarily have the same level of expertise. Working with a skilled dentist for these services means you’ll have the backing of years of advanced training and experience behind your Botox and Juvederm treatments, ensuring flawless results with minimized risk. Dr. Renata Santeli has completed doctoral work in dentistry, meaning she has a complete knowledge of oral and facial structure and function. Additionally, Dr. Santeli completed her advanced training in the administration of Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm dermal fillers. You can rest assured that these services will be performed with the utmost skill in our dental office.

Understanding the Cost of Botox

With Botox treatments, you can easily maintain a youthful appearance for several months at a time! At our office, we charge Botox by the number of units needed to resolve your forehead and frown lines as well as your crow’s feet. Treating certain areas requires a certain number of units. For example, if you need to have your frown or forehead lines treated, it takes about 20 units per area. Alternatively, treating crow’s feet only takes about 12 units of Botox to complete. The cost of a single unit is $15. During your consultation, we’ll confirm exactly which areas you’d like to prioritize and provide treatment accordingly.


person receiving a BOTOX injection into their chin

Do you still have more questions about BOTOX treatment? This popular, non-surgical cosmetic treatment can help reduce your facial lines, wrinkles, and boost your confidence in a single appointment. For your convenience, we’ve answered some common questions that our patients ask about BOTOX in Daytona Beach below.

What areas of the face can be treated with BOTOX?

BOTOX can be used to address most areas of the face that commonly develop fine lines. Patients typically end up getting injections in areas which commonly bunch-up or wrinkle, including:

Are BOTOX injections painful?

The treatment involves a 31-gauge needle, which is the same size used to administer insulin. It’s about the thickness of a sewing needle, which means that you’ll experience minimal pain and discomfort during the treatment. Each dose of BOTOX is administered in about five minutes, so the entire visit typically doesn’t last over 30 minutes, depending on how many injections you receive. After the appointment, our patients are able to return back to their daily routines. 

How long do the results from BOTOX last?

The first ever BOTOX results that you receive typically wear off faster than the ones that follow. However, on average, our patients are able to enjoy the improvements for anywhere from four to six months. If you begin to notice the fine lines or wrinkles reappear, you can always visit our office for a quick touch-up.

Why see a dentist for BOTOX?

Many patients find it odd that more dentists are beginning to offer BOTOX. However, it makes sense when you consider that dentists are so familiar with the facial structure, which makes BOTOX injections a natural extension of their work. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient that patients can improve their overall appearance along with their smile.

Are there any side-effects from BOTOX?

BOTOX is an FDA-approved treatment that’s used to fix a variety of medical and cosmetic imperfections. It’s relatively safe and poses little to no risk for most patients. However, for some, they may experience some slight nausea, headaches, or irritation. If you notice any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms after your treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our office so we can address them right away.  

Is BOTOX treatment common for men?

Since the year 2000, researchers have seen the number of men receiving BOTOX treatment skyrocket by nearly 337 percent. Many people are motivated by factors such as competition in the workplace as well as an overall self-confidence boost.

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