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How Will Getting Invisalign in Daytona Beach Fit into Your Daily Life?

April 20, 2019

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Invisalign aligners next to a toothbrushYou missed out on your chance to get braces when you were a child and can’t help but notice your crooked smile in every picture that’s taken of you. As an adult, you feel like you can’t walk around with wires and brackets crowding your smile, especially while striving for that new promotion. Lucky for you, Invisalign in Daytona Beach is a clear and practically unnoticeable alternative to braces. You know you can’t put your life on hold to get the straighter smile you’ve been dreaming of. You’ve been wondering what changes you’ll need to make while wearing your aligners. Read on to learn how your life will change with Invisalign.

Eating and Drinking with Your Aligners

As opposed to traditional braces, you won’t need to avoid any foods during your Invisalign treatment. Because they’re removable, you can easily take your trays out before you enjoy a snack or meal to avoid damaging them. Just remember that you should keep your aligners in for at least 20 hours each day.

Although your trays are made from a durable flexible material called thermoplastic, they’re not indestructible. Breaking a tray could delay your treatment because it will need to be replaced. If it happens often, it could also become costly.

Remember, don’t drink anything besides water while wearing your clear braces in Daytona Beach. Consuming soda, coffee, and wine can cause them to become discolored and take away from the main benefit that they have to offer—that they’re practically unnoticeable. In addition, try avoiding hot drinks because they could warp and damage the plastic, affecting the way they fit.

Keeping Your Aligners Clear and Clean

Keeping up with your aligners and ensuring that they’re clean, clear, and odor-free can help keep your smile healthy during your treatment. You’ll want to be sure to do the following to help keep them sanitary:

  • Rinse your trays each time you remove them.
  • Soak your aligners in either a 50/50 water and vinegar mixture or a special Invisalign cleaning solution.
  • Softly brush your aligners with clear anti-bacterial soap.

Dry saliva and plaque can build up and turn your aligners into a bacterial breeding ground if you don’t follow the proper cleaning steps. Not only can this cause them to become smelly, but it can also trap harmful debris between your teeth and increase your risk for dental problems in the future.

Taking Care of Your Oral Health During Your Treatment

Attempting to floss in between all those brackets and wires is a struggle. Your daily oral hygiene won’t be any different from your normal routine with your Invisalign trays. However, each time you eat, you’ll want to brush your teeth to help avoid any food debris or bacteria getting wedged between your aligners and teeth.

Dental Checkups

Your Invisalign checkups with your dentist will be quick and easy. Your dentist will do a progress check every 6-12 weeks (depending on your treatment plan) to make sure your smile is straightening the way it’s supposed to. Most of the time, these visits will last about 15 minutes.

Remember that you’re your best investment, and a great smile is priceless. Your Invisalign aligners can give you the straightened grin you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. Traditional braces can be inconvenient and cumbersome, especially while you’re trying to establish your career. The practically unnoticeable alternative of Invisalign has a laundry list of benefits to offer you without all the hassle.

About the Author

Dr. Gladston Silva looks forward to transforming his patient’s smiles into something they’ll want to show off. As a respected member of the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association, he know the importance of providing each patient with the individualized care they need. He enjoys listening and getting to know everyone that walks into his practice to understand their unique needs and desires. For any questions or to schedule an Invisalign consultation, visit Lakeside Daytona Dentist’s website or contact 386-274-2021.

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