In the subject of conceiving a child, many find it hard to find the connection between fertility and a dentist. But did you know that aside from your OB-Gyne, your dentist in Daytona Beach can help as well in that matter? Research has established over the years that the mouth is considered to be the gateway of the body. This means that keeping it healthy can not only keep your overall health stable, but even help increase your chances of getting pregnant. This news article from Medical News today explains why:

[Roger Hart] says women who want to become pregnant should visit their dentist and brush their teeth regularly.

For their research, Hart and colleagues analyzed data on over 3,400 pregnant women from Western Australia who were taking part in a study called SMILE that was investigating how treatment for gum disease affects pregnancy outcomes.

They found that women with gum disease took on an average of two months longer to conceive than women without gum disease (seven months instead of five).

A further look into this scenario yielded that leaving tartar and plaque in the gums will cause gingivitis, therefore causing gums to bleed. This in turn can also lead to periodontitis, or an inflammation around the tooth. The bacteria that caused all of these can then be transferred to the bloodstream, affecting the rest of your body—including your reproductive sytem—making it hard for you to conceive. It’s not just women’s fertility that is at risk with poor oral health. Men are also affected by gum disease, and it has been found that gum disease can also result in the lowering of sperm count.

womens fertility linked to oral health

Visiting a dentist can help prevent all of these to happen. You and your partner should have your mouth checked for possible gum disease. Also, when you inform the dentist that you are trying to conceive, they can avoid prescribing medicine that could possibly affect your fertility. A trusted Ormond Beach dentist can also give you advice on how to keep your mouth healthy, whether before, during, and after pregnancy.

If you and your partner are having trouble building a family, have a dentist check on your teeth. A good oral health not only improves chances of pregnancy, but also your overall health.

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